We are so sorry it has been two months since you heard from us!

We have had some changes and challenges in our schedules.

The biggest change is Karl Wheeler is making a transition in his involvement at The Refuge. Karl and his wife, April, are not sure what is next but they are taking the summer to pray and discern what might come next.

In this episode, we look back over the last couple of years and highlight the episodes that have been the most downloaded. We found a few surprises and some confirmations about what interests our friends who are listening in.

We always take the summer off from recording, so that was in the works before Karl’s decision. We are not sure what will be next for Faith Circus, but we will wait and see what shakes out after summer and will let you know when we know.  If you’re new here, there a lot of archived episodes to catch up on.

Thanks for listening!

You can find updates at Faithcircus.org or in the Faith Circus-ing closed group on Facebook.