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Special Guest Brandan Robertson, LGBQT Activist and Friend (Season 2, Episode 16)

This week we are joined by a friend and a leading voice in the LGBQT world–Brandan Robertson. Karl and Brandan have been friends for several years and although the relationship could center on how they disagree they have chosen a different path.

Together with Kathy, they want to model a kinder way forward and they pray you will hear hope in the midst of a raw and complex conversation.

You can learn more about Brandan’s work and check out his book Nomad Spirituality at

Egalitarian Life: Can Men and Women Live as Equals? (Season 2, Episode 15)

Jesus came to make things right again, and part of that plan is equality.

We believe it is possible to navigate church, families and life with men and women walking alongside each other as equals. However, we also know it’s not easy because of many cultural and religious norms that reflect inequality and hierarchy.

We recognize this is not how everyone reads the scriptures but we present our reasons and experiences and passion for egalitarian living.

We hope you will gather some hope and strength as you live out new ways in the coming year.

Election Hope (Season 2 Wrap)


We will say goodbye until January with this final episode of 2016. We wanted to end on a positive note–Election Hope. There is plenty of election angst, anger, and division but what are some positive steps to help us move forward?

We are not putting a bandaid on anyone’s pain or attempting to bury some deep feelings that may have emerged, but we are discussing how to take the next step no matter how tiny it might seem.

As we end 2016 we hope that being together via the podcast, website or Facebook has helped you feel you belong and you are connected to others in the Faith Circus family. Merry Christmas and Happy 2017.

The Hatmaker Debaucle (Season 2, Episode 13)

when-theological-views-costWe are taking a break this week from the heaviness and pain of the political divide. But we are still tackling a tough topic. Several weeks back, just before the election, social media was blowing up over a popular blogger and author who was dropped as an author by the largest Christian book distributer in the US.

We recorded this episode then and are just now getting it out.

What happens when the Christian divide over gay marriage bumps up against the world of Christian publishing and power? It can get very confusing. The fracturing is not only theological and ideological but reveals the Church’s response to build “silos” of perceived agreement and safety.

What should we do when we face such irreconcilable differences?

We don’t actually answer that question but we always at least trying to talk about in a kind and generous way. We hope you feel encouraged as you listen and wrestle, too.

Post Election Angst (Season 2, Episode 12)


The election is over, but the pain is not. Whether you felt like a winner or a loser on November 9th, the war of emotions has continued and the chasm between conservatives and progressives is continuing to spread wider and deeper.

Is there work that must be done first before you should attempt to reconcile? Is there a season of crisis where normal rules of civility need to be waived in order to stop something catastrophic? Is it time to focus on coming together or in fact double down on the effort and rhetoric needed to address a national crisis?

We are working hard to be current and honest in our conversation. We are a bit raw and emotional but hopefully you can glean from our dialogue some insight for the conversations and battles you face.

We are doing the work that the people of God have always done–we are wrestling

Scapegoats: Can We Be Us Without a Them? Season 2, Episode 11

can-there-be-us-without-a-themMerriam-Dictionary definition of Scapegoat:

1. a goat upon whose head are symbolically placed the sins of the people after which it sent in the wilderness in the biblical ceremony of Yom Kippur.

2. One that bears blame for others

3. One that is the irrational hostility of others

Most of us have experienced the social phenomenon of bonding over our shared anger at another person or group. Sports rivals, a group of girlfriends sharing cocktails over the antics of a horrible ex-boyfriend, when the bible study group starts talking about “those people” and of course our current political situation of Republican versus Democrat.

There is a social theory that says much of human survival has been our ability to quickly determine who is on “our team.”  We bond with our team in our collective effort against the other.

We are noticing this in our lives and how difficult it is to stop. We notice how Jesus words to His people to love and be unified stand in opposition to this base instinct.

We recorded this episode the morning of the election in the USA. We do need this conversation now more than ever–how can we be true peacemakers instead of scapegoaters?


Post-Election Debrief: What Just Happened?!?


It’s been over a week since Election 2016 in the USA and we now have a new president-elect–Donald J. Trump.

There are a lot of big feelings floating around. We’re raw, mad, sad, and a whole host of other things in different ways from each other.

This is the first time we’ve talked about it together. As you listen in on where we are at, what we’ve been thinking and feeling and what this has stirred up for us, we’d love to hear some of your reflections, too.

This episode is longer than most but we hope you’ll hang in there with us.

We end on Hope, because despite the ugly and the hard, we both do still have a lot of it.

Join us on Faith Circus-ing, too, for more conversation and a safe space to be wherever you are at right now.

Evangelical-Progressive Appreciation Day (Season 2, Episode 9)


Appreciation for the Other.

The divide continues to grow. With the power of justice or truth, the Church in America is continuing to grow farther apart. What can we do to put the brakes on a runaway schism?

Perhaps gratitude can help heal the divide.

In this episode we share not what we find hard, but we have come to appreciate about our Brothers and Sisters who see things differently from us.  How has your faith been positively impacted by the “other?” What have learned from those who see the scriptures differently than you? What do you appreciate about Evangelicals? Progressives?

A quote comes to mind, attributed to C.S. Lewis, “God has the habit of bringing people to Himself using methods of which I do not approve.”

No matter where you currently are in your faith story, what is it like for you to offer appreciation to others who are in a different place? 

ps: Here’s the white board from our Evangelical and a Progressive Walk into a Church Dignified Dialogue that we referenced.


Halloween! (Season 2, Episode 8)


What is Halloween like for you?

As your faith has changed has your Halloween experience also evolved?

In this episode we share our story of redeeming Halloween at The Refuge and how it became our biggest event.

Fall Festivals for some, full-on Halloween for others.  What about you? 

Join us on Faith Circus-ing, too!

Trigger Words, Part 2 (Season 2, Episode 7)


We conclude our conversation from last week on the power of words, usually words associated with past or present pain that cause us to have “allergic” reactions.

Some questions to add to this conversation:

  • What judgments or generalizations do you make about the person or organizations that use your trigger words?
  • What do you usually do with the subsequent emotions that arise?
  • What words do you use that you know are triggers for others? 
  • What is a guiding thought or principle when you decide to use a word that triggers others? 

Thanks for listening! You can join the conversation at Faith Circus-ing on Facebook, too.

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