Future Church (Season 2, Episode 17)

Christians seem to often talk about church–what they like and what is disappointing, what they long for and what they would change. It is possible to think of almost the entire New Testament as an answer to the question “What does it look like to be a follower of Jesus?” or “What is church?”

We invite you into our angst, our joy and pain around the word and our deep desire to be part of the better future of the word “Church.”

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  1. I Loved this episode!
    I have been in Al-Anon recovery for 26 years. After my divorce I started going to the UCC church, progressive christian, church where all the 12 step meetings were held. I became good friends with the minister. He truly follows Jesus, he’s a guy who can really shrink a church! Good Bless him!
    Well, I moved across the country and found another UCC church with a small, lesbian woman for a minister. Again she was a true progressive and a christian and spoke the word in a way that reached a sacred depth inside me and rang true with a clarity uncommon. I went to church, hungry. Church was my favorite two hours of the week. Like Kathy mentioned, I devoted my heart, my soul, my life to the church.
    Then our Jesus loving minister became exhausted, retired and left town. God bless her.
    Then the church hired the meanest woman I ever met. Immediately upon arriving in town, she started amputating members, myself included. Suddenly the church became a weapon aimed against me/us. They didn’t want to talk about it, refused to respond to requests for communication. The church became crazy and mean, apparently over night. Nearly everyone not accused just looked away. We received certified letter telling us we would be trespassing if we entered the property. I was mostly in shock for a year an a half. I could not find my bearings. Faith Circus helped me land on earth again.
    You helped me realize I was spiritually paralyzed. I didn’t think God made the church devolve. But I sure didn’t know what to think!
    I truly believed in the beloved community, the body of Christ, communion. I truly believed.
    It is such a salve to hear Kathy talk about people who really can’t tolerate what used to pass for church and really believe in Jesus. You are people like me! Thank you Kathy!
    I am going to more 12 step meetings, because they always help.
    And these podcasts are saving me, seriously, Thank you!

    ~ L
    (Although one letter, L is my legal first name. I hope you can think of it as pithy, I do. 🙂

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